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  • 2013 Reserve Pinot Noir Photo
    2013 Reserve Pinot Noir

    This special wine is consistently well received by the wine press for it's exceptional quality, and it's also the first view of our bold new Reserve-level label, dedicated for our most highly regarded wines. Since this vintage of our Reserve Pinot Noir was limited in production, it is available for a limited time only.

    *Sold Out*

    Sold Out
  • 2014 Estate Pinot Noir Photo
    2014 Estate Pinot Noir

    The nose is filled with strawberries, cherries and jammy cranberry notes; there is a hint of eucalyptus and tea as well. The flavors are strawberry-cherry and raspberry tea, with hints of white pepper, baking chocolate and warm vanilla on the finish.

  • 2014 SLH Pinot Noir Photo
    2014 SLH Pinot Noir

    The Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot is a nice example; beyond the typical strawberry-raspberry-cherry character we can smell and taste hints of tea leaf, cola, redwood forest and mushroom, nuances that are accentuated in a cooler year. We used a more delicate set of barrels with this vintage to great benefit as well; there is oaky vanilla and spice in the wine but it's a light touch that compliments the natural flavors nicely.