2017 Charbono


Charbono was originally introduced to California in the Napa Valley by early Italian immigrants; the grape originally hails from France's Savoie region. There is now very little acreage left in the state of this once widely-planted variety, which accounts for its almost legendary cult status.  For this very limited release, we had to go far afield to Paso Robles and our friend's Pear Valley Vineyard there. Paso Robles (much like Napa Valley) has the heat necessary during the summer days to ripen Charbono, but with cool evenings that provide balance, acidity, and texture.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, rich and exotic, with black cherry, cranberry, pepper, and vanilla cream aromas. The palate mirrors the fruit aromas with the addition of leather and herb notes backed by Charbono's traditional, sturdy tannins. Enjoy this big red with tomato-sauced Italian cuisine or almost any hearty beef dish.

Vineyard Sources

Apellation: Paso Robles
Vineyard: Pear Valley

Technical Data

Alcohol: 14.1

Production: 286

2017 Charbono