Tim's Tale

Tim Slater, Proprietor

Tim Slater, Proprietor & Mad Scientist...

Tim Slater took the helm at Sarah’s Vineyard when he purchased the vineyards and winery in 2001. Tim in his former life has been a DJ, a musician, and a successful “micro-machining” engineer with many patents to his name. He brought a scientific approach to replanting and modernizing S.V., finely balanced by an artist’s sensibility and a traditionalist’s love of the land.

Tim is a very hands-on proprietor. He is both grower and winemaker, constantly expermenting in the vineyard and in the cellar. Tim is often to be found in the tasting room, sharing his latest discoveries with guests.    

By channeling both his inner “mad scientist” and his artistic side, the S.V. estate and wines have flourished. Tim’s philosophy is a fairly simple one: bottle by bottle, vintage by vintage, to capture the “music of the vineyard” – to grow and produce some of California’s finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.